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Here is some information about the process of screen printing to help you better understand some of what San-Man Graphics does to create custom made t shirts and apparel.

Our Services

Screen Printing

 Screen-printing is a versatile printing process. It can be used to print on a wide variety of materials, including but not limited to paper, paperboard, plastics, glass, metals, and fabrics (like custom tees and more)! Screen-printing consists of three main elements: the screen which is the image carrier; the squeegee; and ink. The screen uses a porous mesh fabric stretched tightly over a frame made of wood or metal. A stencil is produced on the screen either manually or photo chemically. Then a squeegee and ink are used to print your stenciled image onto a textile using a manual press or automatic press. The final result: custom made tee shirts and apparel for all of your needs!


At San-Man Graphics, we have a great design team that can help you turn any idea, image, photo, or sketch and turn it into a workable piece of art for all of your needs.

Business Logos and Cards

Aside from printing custom t shirts, San-Man Graphics design team has extensive experience designing business’s logos and business cards.  We can help your business express itself artistically through its corporate design and business card formatting. Although we do not print the business cards in house we have a reliable, efficient local printer.  More time may be required if there is any specialty printing.

Shirt Art

Specializing in custom t shirts, San-Man Graphics design team can help you in every step of the design process. Come with ideas for custom tee shirts and design specialists can help you draw, color, digitize and print your ideas into reality. Already have a drawing? San-Man Graphics design team can help you turn it into a digital image and prepare it for printing. Wherever you are in the process to print your own t shirts, our team is ready to help!


San-Man Graphics design team can also help you design banners for all occasions, from birthdays to corporate events to weddings! Our team will help you set up the layout, create or arrange imagery and help you choose the right material for your specific occasion.  Although we do not print the banners in house we have a reliable, local, efficient printer.   More time may be required if there is any specialty printing.

Wedding Invitations, Signs and Gear:

Our design team loves to help newlyweds create and print all of their wedding needs! Everything from custom invitations, save the date cards, wedding programs to custom bridal shower/ bachelor party/ wedding party t shirt printing to wedding day banners and signage, the San-Man Graphics design team will help you create a wedding to remember forever!

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